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Welcome to Cookies, we are excited to bring our
neighbors our restaurant experience. We have spent
many years working towards our dream and we can
finally say our dream came true!
Cookies is a family owned business with lots of
homemade dishes to pick from, all of our meals are made
to order.
We are extremely happy with our commitment, and can’t
wait to introduce some of our country dishes to you.

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We Deliver Breakfast starting at 7:00am - 2:00pm (Doordash)

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This restaurant feels very homely and the staff members are responsive and easy to chat with. This restaurant is under new management and I think tons of things improved! The most noticiable is the very clean and orderly environment. The food has little to no grease in it which is a big plus for me! When you go, ask to meet Patricia, the most adorable restaurant owner you'll ever meet!

My favorite new place for breakfast! I’ve eaten breakfast regularly once a week at local spots in the Nashua/Hudson area and hands-down my favorite new place (since being invited by co-workers a few weeks ago) is Cookie’s Cafe. The biggest difference from the other places is that everything on the plate is edible. Let me explain: at other eateries, either the Home fries, meats, or toast is charred black - which to me is unfit to be eaten. Not the case at Cookie’s! Nothing they serve is over-cooked. Also, the staff don’t have attitudes like at other places. The waitresses are super friendly and have a great sense of humor. Other nice elements are they have a clean and inviting dining room and plenty of parking. AND, did I forget, the food quality is AWESOME, AND, the prices are FANTASTIC!

We love the new lunch menu. Hamburgers are generous and cooked to order. French fries and onion rings are delicious. Nice homey atmoshere...very personable waitstaff. As always, a favorite breakfast place.



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